10 Awesome Vintage Selfies You Never Knew Existed

Everyone seems obsessed with taking selfies. Initially popular among young people, selfies gained wider popularity especially after the improvement of smartphones camera quality and rise of social media. In 2013, the term selfie made headline news when Oxford English Dictionary proclaimed it as word of the year. The millennials are considered as the selfie generation, obsessed with both image and self.

Although selfies have immensely proliferated over the past five years, it is not a recent invention. Since the invention of photography, people have been taking self-portrait photographs. Its awesome to see vintage black and white photos of famous historical figures. Here are some of the 10 most awesome vintage selfies weve unearthed.

The Beatles

Who knew The Beatles werent only ahead of their time musically? They were also innovative and is the first band we know whose members took selfies, five decades before the term was coined.


Grand Duchess Anastasia, daughter of Russias last czar from the Romanov family, took a selfie from her Kodak Brownie, a popular camera during her time in 1900.