10 Creatures That Hold The Key To Immortality

10 Creatures That Hold The Key To Immortality

We know how long mankind has craved for immortality. From scientific research to all our favorite games, the quest for immortality draws all of us in. We have looked for it in the deepest reaches of science and in the greatest texts of religion. What most of us do not realize is that despite the human species’ failure to find eternal life, several immortal creatures already walk, float and swim the same earth we belong to. What we can learn from them may open a new dimension to human existence altogether. Here are 10 such amazing creatures capable of eternal life.


One of countless microscopic organisms, Bdelloids are incredibly tough. Despite living in fresh water, they can survive without water for years. Research says the species have not reproduced in nearly 80 million years but they keep updating their genetic material by stealing it from other species. When observing the DNA of one of this organisms, researchers found DNA from almost 500 different species.


Water Bears, a.ka. Tardigrades, are mysterious organisms that can withstand vacuum of space as well as freezing and boiling temperatures. They have developed a unique ability to scavenge foreign DNA from bacteria, fungi and plants. Capable of thriving in extreme conditions, you can reanimate a dried out Tardigrade by simply adding water, even after decades have past. There are over 1000 known species of Water Bears who ‘have been in business for half a billion years.’