10 Of The Dumbest People On Social Media

10 Of The Dumbest People On Social Media

We’ve all got those people in our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds that we just wish would be quiet before they embarrass themselves more than they already have. These tend to be people that either think they are smarter than they really are, or (even worse) think they are smarter than everybody else. The problem is that they tend to show they are neither of those things by just a couple of social media posts or comments. Even worse, are the people who really aren’t trying to show anybody up but tend to make themselves look silly because they posted something before they really thought it through and because of this, they have made themselves quite a target. Whatever the reason check out this list of 10 people who should get off social media immediately and let us know if you have anyone like them in your feeds.

Not That Trippy

You see, the W is not a cut out but is actually just a paint job. There’s no reason why the paint job would show up in a shadow. It’s #trippy this guy took so long to figure it out, he posted it to social media.

Check Your Math

We get how this person arrived at 31 hours. That doesn’t mean it’s a defense, but it’s interesting to think they are awake 24 hours a day.