10 Of The Funniest Game Show Fails

10 Of The Funniest Game Show Fails

It is hard work to make your way up to a game show. There are so many people attempting to make their way to television, that the odds of actually making it to a game show are very slim. Some people persist on this idea for years before yielding any results. This is true despite there being so many game shows on the air today. After making it to a show, especially a quiz show, it is ideal that you prepare thoroughly as to make something of the opportunity. A lot of people come prepared, but not everyone walks away with what they expect. Here is a list of 10 hilarious fails on quiz shows. The quality of the images may be poor, but these have been captured on television for your pleasure.

First Alphabet

This is the kind of question that should be featured on a show called “Are you smarter than a one year old?”


Clearly this participant has never visited our website. What is shocking is that a small fraction of the audience even voted for option D, which is Lets order linguini.