10 Of The Strangest Diseases Of All Time

10 Of The Strangest Diseases Of All Time

In today’s modern medical and technological world, it’s very rare to be shocked by something. Most sicknesses and diseases are already fairly well known to most, as information is fairly accessible using search engines and social media. However, there are a few illnesses that are a rare phenomena to the medical world, and some are even unheard of by most people at all, and we’ve got a compilation of ten diseases that you’ve never heard of.

Vampire Syndrome

Xeroderma Pigmentosum is an extremely rare condition that causes people the have allergic reactions to sunlight. The reactions include severe sunburn, and even actual burning of the skin!


Elephantiasis is a condition that causes extreme swelling of the tissues, usually surrounding the legs. This condition has affected over 40 million people.