10 Things People Made Out Of Human Body Parts

The human body is a wonder of nature, as it contains a multitude of complex systems and raw materials that work together to keep you alive. Each body is also unique and incredibly precious, but that has stopped people harvesting them for parts. This usually comes in the form of transplants of organs such as the heart or kidney as well as transfusions of blood and plasma. Those arent the only resources that can be taken from a human body though. Many people from a variety of cultures round the world have taken parts to create all kinds of weird and wonderful things.


This grisly piece of artwork was the result of an experiment carried out by artist Marc Quinn to see if it would be possible to create a bust of his head using his own blood. In a process that took around 5 months, Quinn slowly extracted 5 liters of blood from his body and molded it around an outline of the bust. He then froze the blood so that it would keep its shape and remain in place, with the end result producing something that looks like it would be more at home in a horror film.

A Model Building

Hairdresser Huang Xin spent months collecting the hair he had cut from his customers in Beijing before he finally used the material to build an exact replica of buildings in Tiananmen Square, including the Gate of Heavenly Peace. Using only glue and hair dye bought from local stores, he was able to complete the project in just a few weeks. Xin now plans to create portraits of his customers using their own hair.