10 Tragic Sport Disasters That Shocked The World

Sport is easily the most popular form of entertainment on the planet. Hundreds of thousands of people attend live matches every week while millions watch the contests at home on television. This has allowed sports such as the NFL, football, golf and tennis to become huge parts of many peoples lives and generate billions of dollars in revenue. This huge popularity though also means that participants and fans feel any kind of tragedy or disaster all the more strongly. Such incidents have the ability to shake the world and shock millions.

Port Said Stadium Riot

Following the end of an Egyptian Premier League football match between El Masry and El Ahly, thousands of fans invaded the pitch and stormed the terraces. According to reports, El Masry fans started the riot by attacking other spectators with knives, swords, clubs and fireworks. Seventy-four people were killed and 500 were injured before police could take control of the situation. Authorities later arrested many of those involved, with 11 people having been sentenced to death for their part in the riot.

Munich Air Disaster

The Manchester United football team, along with several fans and journalists, were returning home on a flight from Yugoslavia when they had to stop at Munich airport to refuel. Power boosts in the left engine of the plane had caused the pilots to abandon take-off twice, but they were desperate to try again in order to not go behind in their schedule. On the third attempt, the plane crashed through fencing and hit a number of buildings after slush prevented it from taking off. Of the 44 people on board the aircraft 23 died, including many of the successful football team.