10 Unusual Facts About Polar Bears You May Not Know

10 Unusual Facts About Polar Bears You May Not Know

Without doubt, polar bears rank among the most astonishing creatures that have ever roamed Earth. The fact that these spectacular animals manage to survive in one of the most cold and extreme places on our planet is applaudable. We all know that polar bears, particularly their cubs, can be really adorable but what several people do not know is the fact that polar bears are extremely inventive and intelligent. There are several more interesting things to know about these animals. Here are 10 unusual facts about polar bears you may not know.

Arctic Fox

Arctic foxes are generally hunted by polar bears; however, in Canada, there was a reported case of a strong friendship between a fox and a bear. They played together and the bear even shared his food with the little fox.

Threatened Species

Due to the shrinking polar ice caps, scientists speculate that two-thirds of the present population of polar bears will vanish by 2050.