10 World Records Related To Incredible Body Parts

The human anatomy comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. We are a diverse species for many reasons, and our body structure becomes one of our most distinguishing features. Some people in the world, however, are born with some truly amazing body parts. Sometimes these parts can be shocking and bizarre, while other times they are just unbelievable. Here is a list of 10 world record holders who won the prestigious prize by possessing some incredible body parts.

Longest Tongue

Annika Irmler has quite a tongue on her. This isnt a whimsical way of saying she is mean and abrupt in the way she speaks. She actually has the worlds longest tongue, measuring 2.7 inches.

Most Number Of Fingers And Toes

Devendra Harne and Pranamya Menaria are joint world record holders for having the most number of fingers and toes on their body. In total, the two boys have a staggering 25 digits, that includes 12 fingers and 13 toes. Both boys reside in India and share a genetic disorder called polydactylism.