12 of Pinterest’s Most Popular Halloween Costumes

There is one day at the end of October that allows normal people to let their freak flag fly. And yes, we are talking about the spooky holiday of Halloween. All the little kids dressing up as their favorite cartoon characters, grownups spending months on their perfect costume: this holiday is literally for everyone. Some excel at creative solutions, placing a spin on current events – some go all out with scary make up. Here are twelve of the most popular Halloween costumes on Pinterest.

This gorgeous twist on Bowie’s 1973 album Aladdin Sane is so touching and very well done. Looks like all you need is a badass hairdo, some mad make up skills and that’s it! With 2k pins this make up inspiration takes number 12 on our list.

One of our favorite characters from the glorious ‘The Addams Family’ is a great character to portray this Halloween. Play it cool, boss everyone around, and have tons of fun. This idea got 17k pins – obviously we are not too lonely in our opinion.

Mermaids are so in this season. You can pair it up with a mermaid tail and you are all set. If you are cautions about dying your hair you can always get a wig. This rendition of a modern-day mermaid got 27.7k pins and takes the 10th place on our list.