19 Things Every Cat Owner Knows To Be True

#1. Turning the house upside-down in search of your “lost” fluffy pal, just to find them comfortably snoozing somewhere weird.


#2. Never having enough memory on your phone for the amount of cat photoshoots that take place.


#3. Accepting that being scratched, bitten, and attacked is just your life now. But you’re okay with that.

This is how I imagine owning a cat is like

“Aww, see? He likes me. Ow.”

#4. Becoming less attached to furniture because your cat is permanently set to destroy mode.


Goodbye, lovely couch.

#5. Becoming less attached to your body parts just in case Mr. Fluffles wants to eat them.


Goodbye, lovely toes.

#6. Being totally unfazed by your cat sprinting from room to room at any given moment.


#7. Wondering if your cat is secretly plotting to kill you.


Or at least trying to work out WHEN they’re going to do it.

#8. Becoming a well-trained cat butler, rather than owning a well-trained pet.


#9. Buying expensive gifts to show your kitty how much you care, only for your cat to totally ignore it.


And you.

#10. Spotting “good” boxes that you know your cat will just love.


And giving your entire apartment over to your cat’s comfort and happiness.

#11. Never leaving a full cup on the edge of a surface. Ever.


#12. Finding your cat’s secret stash of stolen goods.


#13. Accepting that your has no intention of drinking from that lovely bowl you bought them.

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#14. Giving up sleep.


#15. And your personal space.


#16. And time alone (especially in the bathroom).


Because if you don’t open the door, they’re going to tear the house up until you do.

#17. Living with cramp because your cat decided to show affection and sit on you, so now you can’t move.


So what if you’ve needed to go to the bathroom for an hour?

#18. Living in fear of death whilst carrying a heavy object upstairs, because that’s when your cat will decide to walk between your legs.


#19. And understanding that this is your cat’s house now, so you’re going to catch him doing a whole lot of weird stuff.

And you’re just going to go with it.