20 Hilarious Photos Of Animals Loving Belly Rubs

Lovable Lamb

There are lots of people who are probably more familiar with lamb as tender and delicious meat. But when theyre not getting eaten up, they enjoy affection as much as the next baby animal.

Skittery Kitten

What is the only thing more precious than an itty, bitty, little kitten? Its an itty, bitty, little kitten filled with bliss and joy when its tiny belly is scratched.

Cuddly Cub

The fox is a notoriously sly animal. What you may not realize is that no matter how sneaky they can be, all that mystery melts away when you put a rub on their bellies.

Rascally Rabbit

Bunnies are such wonderfully fluffy animals, its almost impossible not to pet them when you see them. Its harder to discern who enjoys the belly rub more the human or the rabbit?