20 Mind-Blowing Interactive Art Pieces From Around The World

20 Mind-Blowing Interactive Art Pieces From Around The World

Interactive art allows the audience to interact with the piece in the way or purpose envisioned by the artist. It is meant to grab the audience’s attention, to spark interest and to disrupt its environment. Interactive art comes in many different forms; It can be murals, paintings, 3D, Illusion – you name it! Examples of this art form can be seen in many places around the world sometimes cleverly hidden, other times boldly obvious. Here are some examples of 20 mind blowing interactive art pieces from around the world.

You And Me

Chinese artist, Zhang Zhaohui created these male/female body frames in China which allow people to stand in them and pose for a photo. He titled the art piece ‘You and Me.’

Underground City

Street artist Leon Keer spent six days working on a series of chalk drawings on the exhibition room in the Museum Arnhem in the Netherlands. But it was his mind-blowing depiction of a big hole leading to the underground city that really caught our eyes.


Artist Ernest Zacharevic has been transforming the streets of Malaysia with a series of interactive murals which he combined with a mixture of found objects and painted figures.

This one, titled Bicycle, features a real bicycle along with a mural of two kids made to look like they are actually riding it.


This cheeky piece of art, might just make you blush. Located in London, this depiction of a woman’s lower, naked body gets an added effect from the foliage. It is titled ‘bush’ because, well it’s obvious why!