20 Most Awkward Cake Messages Ever

20 Most Awkward Cake Messages Ever

Not every situation needs a cake, but apparently some people out there disagree. Some think you need a cake for everything: breaking the law, failure at work, awkward social situations, just because you want a cake…; You name it, someone has made a cake for it! Here are some of the strangest cakes on the internet. Looking at some of these cakes are bound to make you feel better about some of the mistakes in your life.

Another Honest Citizen

At least they’re honest. Yum, strawberry icing!


What is more awkward: mistaking him for a woman, giving him a cake about it, or misspelling “woman”?

But Your Munchies Are Covered

He stole your pot last night. Here’s an amazing cake for the next time you have the munchies!

Set The Bar Low

Somebody must have been rejected for a job or something. Hopefully she has a sense of humor.