20 Most Expensive Video Games Of All Time

Video games have evolved dramatically over the past 20 years, perhaps more than any other popular medium in the world. The production costs of modern games are higher than most films, simply because of the depth and layers that games these days possess. With massive open worlds, efficient online matchups and alternate story lines based on your own personalities, video games offer a unique experience that is hard to match with any other medium. Here is a list of 20 video games that had huge production budgets, making them some of the most expensive games ever made.

20. Watchdogs 70 Million Dollars

This savvy, surveillance-based open world game allows players to take control of any electronic device within their vicinity. The cost of a complex game like this worked up to nearly 70 million dollars but the excellent gameplay makes the value feel appropriate.

19. Metal Gear Solid 4 70 Million Dollars

Another popular series that is a big hit with gaming fans is the Metal Gear Solid saga. The game has always been known for its hyper-realism, allowing you to personalize numerous facets including even the color of your camouflage. This level of detailing cost the developers 70 million dollars to produce but it brought the series heaps of loyalty points in return.

18. Defiance 80 Million Dollars

Although Defiance did not do as well as it would have hoped, both commercially and critically, the game itself was commended for its gorgeous graphics and high-quality design. Set in a futuristic version of Earth, this science-fiction multiplayer third-person shooter cost over 80 million dollars to develop.

17. Red Dead Redemption 90 Million Dollars

This exciting Western-shooter comes from the good folks who created the GTA series Rockstar games. They have always showed a penchant for details and the execution of this old-timey western is nearly spot-on. The game cost them over 90 million dollars to make but fans will tell you that it was money well spent.