20 Of The Weirdest, Strangest, And Most Shocking Board Games Ever Made

There are a ton of offensive, rude, and just plain strange board games out there. The older they are the more offensive they seem to be by todays standards. These days all of the board games seem to be based on TV shows and movies, or they are just new versions of old games. If you want to have a great talking piece in your home for when people come over to game with you, you probably wont want one of these. Okay, some of them arent as bad as others, but some are really offensive, and depending on your company, you may lose some friends.

Public Assistance (1980)

This game teaches you that you dont need to work for a living. Instead, just get on public assistance and live off of your welfare checks!

What Shall I Be: The Exciting Game of Career Girls (1966)

Like many of the games for girls from past decades, this game has limited career options for girls. If you want to be a doctor youll need to be a boy. The careers youll find in this game, for girls, include, model and ballet dancer.

NBC: TV News Game (1960s)

Tired of watching the news? You can play this exciting board game where you answer current event questions from the 1960s. Be prepared to fall asleep.

Mall Madness (1989)

If you want to teach your children bad spending habits, buy them this game. Theyll be sure to have thousands in credit card debt by their mid-20s.