For every 20-something, the feeling of going broke and remaining like that for a very long time isn’t uncommon. Most of the times we doubt ourselves, our abilities, our strengths and we begin to question our motives. Is this right? Is this wrong? Is this love? Should I commit? Maybe? We fail to remember that the first time we fall in love isn’t going to be the last because there are different kinds of love and people who will enter our lives like no one’s business for different reasons. Some screw us up, some make us stronger. In the end remember that you’re never going to look ‘perfect’, but you’re beautiful just the way you are! Accept yourself for who and what you are and don’t try to change that for anyone or anything. It’s your life – own it! This post wants to highlight the 20 shocking truths every 20-sometimes agrees to!

Your expressions are priceless when you see someone your age married with two cute toddlers