22 Hilarious Parenting Tweets From Celebrities

1. When Channing Tatum realized just how strong his genes are.

2. When Christina Applegate’s daughter reversed the roles and started teaching her mom a couple of new things.

3. When Anna Faris perfected the art of potty training.

4. And when her son just insisted on having the last word on things.

5. When Carrie Underwood had the best realization about mom diets.

6. When this Buffy The Vampire Slayer star’s kids were brutally honest about just how much they loved her.

7. When this Canadian author’s daughter had a rather alarming thought.

8. And when that same daughter knew a bit too much for her age.

9. When Chrissy Teigen gave the best response to her husband, John Legend, upon waking up after his nap.

10. When this Scottish musician’s kid had some pretty high hopes for the future.

11. When this Australian comedian’s son was honestly just living the best life.

12. When Ryan Reynolds was a bit too honest about fatherhood.

13. And when he just had to have the last laugh.

14. When Joel McHale found out his kid was a songwriting prodigy.

15. When Zooey Deschanel had big dreams for her daughter.

16. When Olivia Wilde learned a valuable fact about the male species.

17. And when she found out that her and her son had completely different priorities.

18. When Neil Patrick Harris learned the hard way about what kids actually want for Christmas.

19. And when he had this to say about his daughter.

20. When Conan O’Brien got every single generation figured out.

21. Also when he knew exactly how to guarantee himself a better Father’s Day gift for years to come.

22. And finally, when Nicole Richie perfectly described what life is like as a parent with toddlers.