3 Things Every Working Mum Should Do for Herself

If you are a working mum, let me just say wow! You are one of those mythical, all-powerful creatures that roam amongst us and while most of us tend to be reluctant in believing that they do exist and that they can do it all, the reality is that so many working mums out there are rocking the world.

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Just have a look at Hilary Clinton, looking to become the next U.S president, or Sheryl Sandberg, a single mum, who’s ruling the digital empire that we’ve come to know as Facebook. What these women prove is that being a successful business woman and a mum can be done exceptionally well so long as you figure out a routine that works for you.

These are the things that every working mum should do for herself to ensure personal and professional happiness:

1. Be Open With Your Kids

mum and daughter

For most kids, the place of their parent’s employment is a land that is equally unknown and revered. It’s that one place that makes their parents stress every morning when there’s traffic because they’re gonna be late for work and it’s that place that makes their mums want a glass of wine straight after it.

Being open about your work with your kids can have lots of benefits. You should take the time to explain what it is that you do to your kids and you should be open with them about your work day. This will not only make your bond with your child stronger, but your child will also understand your goals and it will help them create their own.

2. Find Time for Yourself Once a Week

Most working mums rush from one thing to the next all the time, whether it’s feeding the kids or answering business emails, even when they are at home they rarely get more than a few minutes to themselves, but that’s no way to love yourself. Have a mummy hour every weekend where you can spend time doing unimportant – yet so important– things that will make you feel good about yourself. Whether it’s putting on a face mask or doing your nails, understand that your kids and your work can survive if you take a few minutes to do these things.

3. Go Out on a Date Once a Month

Juggling work and kids can mean the end of your love-life, but you should find ways to get your love life back on track. If you have a partner make sure that you go out with them for some alone time and do something you love, keep the conversation off kids and work and rediscover one another. You may be surprised how much you rediscover about yourself through these dates.

If you’re single, you probably don’t have the time to actually go out and meet anyone, so who will you go out on a date with? So, make a point of going out once a month, flirt at the bar with a complete stranger and be the girl you were before you were a mum and a professional.

You can even take advantage of your friends and get them to take you out on a date once a month. Go out with them for a fancy dinner or a cocktail and get your social life back on track.

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Being a working mum is hard but you need to make time to be the individual that you are away from your kids and work.

What other tips do you have for working mums? Share with us in the comment section below.