4 Benefits of an Online Resume

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For jobseekers, an online resume can be a great asset. Since hiring managers are constantly checking social media and other online services to locate potential employees, jobseekers need to work on retaining a strong online presence. It also means that they need to be able to promote their skills and qualifications the best way possible and get the information out there so that it’s more accessible to recruiters.

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Here are some of the benefits of having your qualifications available online:

1. It Allows You to Network

Having your resume online allows you to introduce yourself out to the world. Without doing much yourself, your online resume works on your behalf and helps you expand your professional network. Hiring managers and other professionals are directed to your page, they take a look at your resume, and if they like what they see or think that you would be a good opportunity to network, they will take it. It’s a win-win.

2. It’s Easily Accessible

An online resume allows you to get found for job opportunities that are available around the world. It increases your chances of getting hired as more recruiters will see your resume. So let’s say you are open to travel and work abroad, your online resume can help you get the job and work for a company you weren’t even considering. This way instead of actually looking for a job, the job can find you.

3. It Shows Off Your Creativity

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With a traditional resume, it’s hard to show off your creativity, but an online resume can offer you countless options to demonstrate your skills. If you have an online portfolio, you can customise the site to your taste and make it do whatever you want. This is your chance to show how you are different to other candidates and gives employers the information they want.

4. It’s Easy And Quick

As opposed to the traditional resume, your online resume is easy and quick to access. This means that it could speed up the process of applying for a job. Instead of sending out your resume and waiting for an employer to come back with a response, with an online resume you ensure that you are always one step ahead. The good thing about having an online resume is that the process only takes a couple of minutes online, and a Google search.

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An online resume gives employers the opportunity to evaluate your skills and decide whether you are a good fit for the job. The difference between an online resume and a traditional resume is that the first can give a lot more information out to hiring managers and it’s much quicker and easier to get access to.

So, do you have an online resume? Has it ever helped you get a job?