5 US Cities with the Longest Commutes

We all like to complain about our jobs; that’s just the way we are, no matter how motivated we are and how much we love our work, there’s always something to complain about, whether it’s the boss or the long hours, there’s just always something. But if there’s one thing that everyone hates it’s commuting.

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Being stuck on public transportation in the morning is horrible, there’s always lots and lots of people, the ride is ALWAYS bumpy and by the end you always feel like it’s been weeks since you showered. However, if you live in one of the 5 US cities listed below, then your commute sucks more than most peoples.

According to Bloomberg these are the five US cities with the longest commutes:

1. New York, NY

New York

No surprises here I bet. It might be the city that never sleeps, but it’s also the city where you never arrive at your destination on time. New York scores the lowest commute score, at a measly 0.5 because out of the four million workers there, a whopping 31 percent needs more than sixty minutes each way to get to and from their job. Sixty minutes is an hour dude; it’s like you’re working a ten-hour day even if you leave work on time. Even the mean travel time for most professionals in New York is just below forty minutes. I guess it sucks to live in New York and not be a remote worker.

2. Chicago, IL


Things are pretty bad in Chicago when it comes to commuting, but not half as bad as in New York, the commute score for Chicago is 2.7 which is a serious improvement from New York’s 0,5. Not that it takes people a lot less to get to their work since the mean travel time for Chicagoans is almost 34 minutes. But, I guess it’s an improvement when out of the one million people who live in Chicago only 20 percent need over an hour to get to work.

3. Philadelphia, PA

When it comes to commuting time in Philadelphia the average commute takes almost 32 minutes, which in my book is still a lot. But, out of the 700,000 professionals living in Philadelphia only 15 percent has to commute for an hour or more. The city scores a 5.8 which isn’t all that bad.

4. Washington D.C

washington dc

People are not that happy when it comes to commuting in the capital either. Washington D.C scores a 6.9 on the commuting scale and people are not that pleased because when it comes to mean travel time it’s just a little below half an hour, which is a lot, especially if you consider the fact that 196,000 out of the 760,000 professionals working in D.C require at least an hour to get to work.

5. San Francisco, CA

golden gate bridge

Things are not much better in San Francisco as the commute is only slightly shorter than in DC. But, the city scores higher as out of the 573, 373 residents of San Francisco only 18 percent takes more than an hour to get to work. With a mean travel time of 29.5 minutes, the city scores a 7.6.

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Living in a city with a long commute is not easy, but the cities featured on this list offer such great potential for professionals that they make it worth the trouble.

What about you? How long does it take you to get to work? Share your stories in the comment section below.