5 Ways to Make Your Social Media Profile an Employer Magnet

There was a time when we thought that social media was where we could post stupid pictures of ourselves and our friends and poke our objects of desire. A lot has changed since then, and as social media becomes incorporated into our daily lives, we realize that it can used for a whole lot more.

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Today, people use social media to join causes, crowdsource their own causes and network with people that are in the same industry as them, or with people who share the same interests as them. At the moment, though, social media is being heavily used by job seekers and recruiters alike.

Job seekers use their social media profiles to discover new information about the companies they are interested in and to network with people that can get them a job – there are also other great ways to use social media to get a job. Recruiters, on the other hand usually use social media after they’ve seen a candidate’s CV and before they short-list the candidate for an interview. It’s important then, to have an online presence that you can be proud of, one that won’t make you cringe when you hear that recruiters have come searching for you online.

Many hiring managers have gone one step further and say that they make their hires strictly through social media. In fact, 65 percent of hiring managers make their hires through social media, while a whopping 87 percent of HR managers say that having an online presence is essential for all job seekers. It’s important, then, to make your social media profile attractive to recruiters; you need to make it an employer magnet so when they come looking or when they stumble upon your social media profile, they won’t be able to resist you.

Here are five ways to help you do just that.

1. Have a Complete Profile

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It’s important to have a complete profile, with all of your history and recent professional updates. If you are wondering what you should include, then, it’s a good idea to view your online profile as an online CV, include everything and anything you have achieved as a professional and everything and anything that can show you have skills and qualifications.

2. Join Groups

Groups are there for us to join, and when it comes to social media platforms such as LinkedIn, joining career related groups can help you with your online visibility, and can also show a recruiter that you are oriented and focused in your career targets.

Groups are great for another reason as well; they can help you network with other industry professionals, which means that you can make connections you wouldn’t otherwise have been able to make.

3. Keep It Professional

While you probably know that recruiters won’t be impressed with your wild nights out, here is a number to knock you off your chair: 93 percent of recruiters will go through your social media profiles before they hire you. So it’s important that when they come looking for you, all they can find is a professional. If you are dead set on sharing your pictures from when you and your buddies got drunk, make sure that you change your security settings so that not everyone can see those pictures.

4. Be Engaging

While it’s important to be professional online, that’s not to say, you can’t be fun. As a matter of fact, you should do your best to make your online presence interesting. You can, for example, share industry news that you think is interesting, or have your own blog that you can then add to your social media profiles. This way recruiters will know that you are a well-rounded professional, who won’t bore them to tears when they call you in for an interview.

5. Don’t Forget to Update Your Profile as You Go

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It’s also important to update your profile often. If you are taking a course that is relevant to acquiring new skills and your career, don’t forget to add it to your social media profile. Also, if you’ve taken up some freelance work or you are working part-time don’t think that recruiters won’t want to see that on your profile. Recruiters are interested in candidates who are active and knowledgeable. So if you prove to them that you have what it takes to do the job you are after they are that more likely to shortlist you for an interview.

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Recruiters are interested in finding professionals that will help the business grow, and people who are interested in the industry happenings and in learning and growing just about sum up that. So always remember that your online profile should be oriented towards that.

Do you have any other tips for job seekers in regards to their social media presence? Share with us in the comment section below.