6 Offbeat Holidays You Can Celebrate in October

Do you need an excuse to party like it’s 1999? Or do you celebrate life every day, regardless of whether it’s an actual holiday? No matter what side of the spectrum you fall on, there is a reason to get your funk on virtually every day of the year. Holidays abound…so long as you don’t mind observing a few lesser known and not-quite-legit ones.

Sure, you could raise a glass of liquid fun to Canadian Thanksgiving (the second Monday in October), or Columbus Day on the twelfth, or Islamic New Year (October 14 this year), or the godfather of October holidays, Halloween (it’s on October 31 if you’ve never heard of it).

Those holidays are all well and good, but they’re so…mundane. Regular. Almost cliché. Yeah, Halloween can be a lot of fun, but everyone is doing it. People are even celebrating halloween it in the office. But, I like my holidays the way I like my movies: virtually unheard of (it makes me seem much more sophisticated and artsy).

And the good news? October has some fantastic-yet-oddball holidays to celebrate. Mark your calendars.

So pick up a few party hats and noisemakers, send out a bunch of e-vites, and plan your next get-together around one of these lesser known days. Salut!

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1. October 2 – Name Your Car Day

There are two types of people in the world: those that name inanimate objects like their car, penis or breasts, and fists, and those that don’t. Name Your Car Day wants to change all that and personalize every set of wheels on the road. The history and/or founder of the holiday (and I use the word loosely here) have been lost to the sands of time, but that’s no reason not to join in. Avoid the tired old standbys like Herbie or The General Lee, and pick something unique to you and your vehicle. Tweet about it using the hashtag #NameYourCarDay. Have fun with it.

And for the record, my fists are named Hall and Oates. Not the most manly of monikers, but I don’t get into many fights.

2. October 6 – Mad Hatter Day

Who doesn’t love the Mad Hatter from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland? He’s adorably eccentric, and that’s always popular. Grab your top hat and a cup of tea to celebrate your unbirthday with 200 of your closest friends. Founded in 1986 in Boulder, Colorado, the “holiday” has gained momentum each year. It’s great for letting loose and having fun. Share your misadventures using #NationalMadHatterDay on Twitter (that’s on the world wide interweb).

Why October 6? The Mad Hatter, in the original illustrations by John Tenniel, had a slip of paper peeking out from the band on his hat that reads “In This Style 10/6.” Seems legit. As for me, I’ll take any opportunity to drink tea and act crazy. I’m in.

3. October 12 – International Moment of Frustration Scream Day

I kinda love this one. Every day can be a frustrating day, but October 12 allows you to let it out in a tremendously satisfying way: screaming. We’ve all wanted to scream at some point during a frustrating situation, but instead you’re socially required to squeeze it into a tiny ball and push it somewhere deep inside you. You keep it there and hope it doesn’t explode at some inopportune time. It’s hard (the world is full of frustrating idiots, no?).

Instead, head outside (some sources suggest at noon), and scream your little heart out for 30 seconds. That should reset your system and keep everything in check until next October 12. Easy, right?

4. October 14 – Be Bald and Be Free Day

Hey, baldness happens. It might start when you’re a relatively young individual, or you might make it to a ripe old age before your lovely locks start packing their bags and leaving you for their secretary. But it’s pretty common among men, and even some women. The words “male pattern baldness” strike fear into the hearts of even the most resolute among us.

If you’re bald (aka cueball, chromedome, or Captain Picard lookalike-in-training), this is your day. Embrace it. Celebrate it. Revel in it. After all, you don’t have to spend money on haircuts, or shampoo, or styling aids, brushes, hair dryers, or any other hair accessories. Take the money you would have spent on that stuff during the year and throw an epic party (it’s up to you whether you want to invite any “haired” friends).

Walk around and send quips like “Nice hair” (but said sarcastically) to people you pass on the street. Point and laugh at those suffering through a bad hair day at work. Mercilessly tease the intern who showed up with bed head. So much fun, you’ll be wishing every day was October 14.

No information is available on the origins or founders…but who cares!

5. October 21 – Back to the Future Day

You only get to celebrate this one once. Despite the memes claiming other dates that have popped up on social media for years, October 21, 2015, marks the day that Marty and Doc traveled to in the classic Back to the Future trilogy (specifically Part II). Go ahead and check to confirm that. I’ll wait.

See? The day has been hotly anticipated by fans ever since the film first came out in 1989. So what’s on tap? All things Back to the Future, of course. Many cinemas are hosting viewing parties (check your local listings), or you could rent (does anyone still rent movies) or stream the film(s) at home. Some “interesting” individuals (i.e. insane) are claiming that the “real” Marty McFly will arrive on this day.

Whether he shows up or not, it’s going to be epic. The kind of day you’ll tell your grandkids about when you’re old and wrinkled…they’ll sit at your feet and ask where you were on Back to the Future Day, so make sure you have a good story to tell them (and “I was at home and in bed by 5:30” is not a good story).

6. October 30 – National Candy Corn Day

“Candy corn is my favourite Halloween treat,” said no one in the history of the universe. And yet, the sickly tri-coloured abomination has its own holiday. Candy corn is to Halloween what fruitcake is to Christmas. There’s actually a very finite number of them in existence, but people just keep passing them around…because no one actually eats them. The “treat” (if you can call it that) was invented by George Renninger in the 1880s (thanks a lot, George!), and has been a perennial Halloween standby for decades.

There’s no information available on who started Candy Corn Day, or when it first appeared, but it seems to be here to stay (kinda like candy corn itself, so I guess it’s fitting). Head to the local dollar store or Walmart and purchase a big bag of the stuff. Eat it if you can. Start a candy corn fight in the park. Or build with it (this is actually kind of cool): if you stack candy corn in a circle, it looks like a cob or corn looking down on it. Who knew?

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And there are others. So many others. Pick your poison from National Frappe Day (October 7), National Leif Erikson Day (everyone adores the Vikings…lovable scamps), National Yorkshire Pudding Day (October 13), National Grouch Day (Oscar or otherwise…October 15), National Bologna Day (October 24), Chucky, the Notorious Killer Doll Day (October 25), or National Knock-Knock Jokes Day (trying to steal Halloween’s thunder on October 31).

Don’t see anything you like? Make something up, because if researching this article has taught me anything, it’s that anyone can declare any holiday they want. From this day forward, October 27 will henceforth be known as National Socks for Gloves and Gloves for Socks Day. Enjoy!

Any good ones that we missed? Add them in the comments below…