6 tips to boost your immune system this winter

Unless you live in a warm country, winter can be a very difficult time for you. You might love cold and snowy weather or prefer the warm summer days, however, you need to be prepared for this season. While nature takes a rest, you need to stay alive and meet the everyday challenges of life. Here are 6 simple tips to boost your immune system and keep you healthy this winter!

1. Wrap up
It might be a very obvious tip to follow but many people forget that weather can vary during the day. If it looks sunny and warm in the morning, however it might be snowing in the evening. You can’t prepare for all situations but having a scarf or pair of gloves in your bag can be enough to stay warm. You shouldn’t underestimate layers as part of your everyday fashion choices. If you are moving around a lot, warm and comfortable boots will keep you going as being cold is one of the main causes of getting sick!

2. Vitamin C to the rescue
Health supplements can prepare our immune system for any incoming danger. In summer we receive most of the vitamins and minerals from fresh fruits and vegetables. Our winter diet changes slightly as fresh foods are not locally grown and might not contain necessary macro and micro elements to support our health. It is still recommended that you consume as many fruits and veggies as you can especially those rich in vitamin C. If this is not enough, top up with vitamin supplements from your local pharmacy or vitamin store.