7 Struggles at Work Only WWE Fans Will Understand

Fans of professional wrestling, particularly of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), are truly one of a kind. We find entertainment in grown men, beating each other up, SuperStars partaking in soap opera storylines and promoters sometimes (or often) infuriating us with befuddling booking styles. Nonetheless, we’re huge fans, which sometimes proves to be a struggle at work.

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Not everyone is a fan of WWE. They may have been when they were younger during the Rock ’n’ Roll, New Generation and/or Attitude Eras, but many of your fellow co-workers likely turned off pro wrestling when they got older, which means they have no idea about Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens or Seth Rollins. Remember, most people view WWE and pro wrestling in general as the lowest form of entertainment and for the simple minded who just never grew up.

You may have just finished watching this year’s edition of Survivor Series and you want to crowd around the water cooler to complain about the finish of the Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose World Heavyweight Championship match. Or you want to celebrate finishing a project doing poses a la Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, CM Punk or “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, but no one gets its.

We can often feel embarrassed to be wrestling fans, especially if we work in professional occupations. Bah! In the words of The Rock, it doesn’t matter what they think! Or, in the words of The New Day, what they think is booty!

Here are eight struggles at work only a WWE fan will understand:

1. Unwanted Looks for Wearing Wrestling Gear

You just went to a taping of Monday Night Raw and you purchased two t-shirts: an Ambrose Asylum t-shirt and a vintage “Stone Cold” Steve Austin t-shirt. It cost you more than $50 altogether. Wow!

You were so excited to wear this gear that you decided to sport the Ambrose shirt at the office, where it happened to be Casual Tuesday. At the bottom of the shirt, it had the WWE logo, which drew some unwanted attention and several dirty looks from some of your colleagues. They had no idea you liked pro wrestling, so now they’ll act as if you’re mentally handicapped and can’t do any important work at the office all because you like WWE.

2. You Can’t Play WWE Theme Songs at Work

As you’re on the brink of finishing an assignment, you want some adrenaline-inducing music so you turn on the theme music from The Ascension, Brock Lesnar or Ryback. Or, you’ve finally finished the project, so you want to celebrate with the theme music of John Cena or Triple H. However, since it isn’t something that everyone else enjoys or is even remotely popular, you’re asked to turn it off completely (not even turned down).

After this travesty, you just want to go home and listen to The Undertaker’s theme song or Kane’s vintage entrance. All you want to do is imagine performing some chokeslams on your superiors!

3. Office Tickets for a WWE Event? You’re the Only One Who’ll Take it

One of the bonuses of working for a corporation is that they often receive tickets to sporting or entertainment events. Sometimes, one of these tickets is for a wrestling show, either a Raw or a pay-per-view. Usually, workers would scramble for these tickets, but since you’re the only fan at the office you will be the only person requesting these tickets, and no one will be going with you.

The next day, there will be some jokes made at your expense. They’ll facetiously ask the following:

  • “Did you cheer for your favorite wrestler?”
  • “Did you jump the barricade and pose in the ring?”
  • “Did you buy any t-shirts?”
  • “Did you cry because your favorite wrestler didn’t win?”
  • “Did you finally realize wrestling is fake?” (see below)

But whatever…you got to go to a live event for free!

4. The Obligatory: ‘You do Know Wrestling is Fake, Right?’

Most wrestling fans can attest to how annoying and irksome this question is: “you do know wrestling is fake, right?” Another question is: “don’t you know that everything is pre-determined?” Uh, OK? Everyone knows this. Today, a majority of wrestling fans will retort with this: “you do know that the films and television shows you watch are fake, right?” It’s an idiotic question, and one that a lot of workers who happen to be wrestling fans have to put up with.

Plus, does the video below seem fake to you?

5. No One Talks About WWE at the Water Cooler

WrestleMania is the biggest event in all of professional wrestling. It’s always on a Sunday night so the logical thing to talk about the next day for a wrestling fan is WrestleMania. Unfortunately, professionals can only do this online because no one will talk about it at the water cooler come Monday. You’ll just have to air your frustrations with the booking of the midcard on the Internet.

6. “Is Vader Still Wrestling? What About Razor Ramon?”

Again, a lot of people watched WWE growing up. Therefore, they will ask you if certain names are still wrestling, even if it was more than 20 years ago. They’ll come up to you and inquire if guys like Diesel, Ric Flair, The Million Dollar Man and Sgt. Slaughter are still wrestling. Who knows why they would ask these questions? They’re all a lot older now so why would they be competing on a full-time basis?

7. Constant Comparisons to UFC

Ultimate Fighting Championship is real, combative fighting. It’s very popular today. It’s as popular as WWE and WCW were in the 1990s. And because it isn’t scripted or staged, its fanbase regularly ridicules WWE fans. This is seen at the office, and WWE fans are bothered by it. They’re constantly told by colleagues who are avid UFC fans that it’s better than WWE. Here’s the thing: they’re two completely different things.

8. Frowned Upon for Liking WWE

If you’re working at a law firm, a medical office or a brokerage house and everyone finds out that you’re a big wrestling fan then you will be frowned upon forever. Pro wrestling, despite its popularity in the mid- to late-1990s, is still looked down on today, and if you like it then you must be a juvenile delinquent, someone who isn’t the brightest or a person who lacks maturity.

Sure, WWE is mostly geared towards kids, but so are many things in society, such as superhero movies or episodes of “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy.” However, that doesn’t mean adults can’t take any enjoyment from these things. Although some people in the WWE audience are hardcore, avid fans, most of the viewers are casual watchers who take WWE with a grain of salt.

At least we should take consolation in the fact that WWE fans aren’t as bad as Toronto Blue Jays, Dallas Cowboys or Montreal Canadiens fans!

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Just venture to Twitter, Bleacher Report or any wrestling discussion forum and you’d think WWE fans absolutely hate watching wrestling because of the illogical and inconsistent booking. But at the heart of the matter, WWE fans love wrestling. Unfortunately, their passion for wrestling isn’t accepted in society or at the office, and it’s even worse if you don’t care for other sports, like basketball or football. Until the end of time, fans of the WWE product will never be accepted and will always struggle.

Are you a WWE fan? What kinds of struggles do you face at work? Let us know in the comments section…