9 Life Hacks That Will Help You Get to Work on Time

We’ve all had a bad start to the day, and there’s no point in denying that. You’ve no doubt overslept, missed the bus, or spent too long on the toilet trying to beat Level 568 of Candy Crush Saga (I know I’m not alone); these things simply happen and more often than not, there’s nothing you can really do about it. That is, of course, unless you’re a habitually late person who has no sense of time whatsoever.

If that’s you, meaning if you’re always late to work and every other important event in your life, it’s time you understood that your lack of punctuality is damaging your reputation – both on a personal and a professional level. But, fortunately for you, we’ve put together this list of nine life hacks that will – hopefully – help you get to work on time every day.

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1. Have Everything Ready the Night Before

Woman in red dress

You’ve no doubt had one of those mornings when you’ve put on a blouse only to rethink the entire outfit which made you change clothes – five consecutive times. To avoid that ever happening again, you might want to consider laying out the clothes you’re going to wear the night before. Even if you happen to rethink a certain piece of clothing or the entire outfit, you’ll have plenty of time to put together the perfect outfit without all the stress of being late. Also, don’t forget to pack your bag, write any emails, and print out any documents the night before, too.

2. Keep Your Essentials Near in One Place

You come home from work and leave your keys on the table by the door. You then proceed to leave your briefcase in the living room, your wallet in the kitchen, your cellphone in the bathroom, and your charger in the bedroom. But that just means a whole search party every morning for everything which, as you can imagine, turns into one giant delay. Make it a point to empty your pockets of all your essential items the moment you walk in the door, and keep everything in one place.

3. Anticipate Delays Before They Happen

Even the most organized and punctual person is late sometimes; it’s simply inevitable. Whether it’s because your train got delayed, you got stuck in traffic, or you had to stop urgently for gas, you have to understand that these things happen. But there are things you can do to avoid them ruining your morning: take the earlier train or check the train timetable before you leave home; research a faster route; and fill your tank up the night before!

4. Commit Yourself to Being 15 Minutes Early for Everything

Let’s say you start work at 8am; make sure you’re there at 7:45am. Those extra 15 minutes will work out great for you because a) you’ll get freshly made coffee, b) you’ll win extra points from management, and c) you’ll still get to work on time even if there are any little bumps and delays in the process.

5. Get Up the Second Your Alarm Goes Off

Man waking up to alarm

The sound of the alarm clock going off is indeed one of the worst noises known to the working man and woman. It’s a rude reminder that we need to get up and get ready for work. So, what do we do? We hit the snooze button. And while it does buy us five more minutes of sleep, it also makes us five minutes late. I know it sounds truly horrifying but getting up the second your alarm goes off isn’t that hard.

6. Reexamine How Long Daily Tasks Really Take

Let’s say you take about 15 minutes in the bathroom, 10 minutes to get dressed, and another 10 minutes for your morning coffee. In total, you need 35 minutes to get ready for work. In reality, however, you take about 50 minutes – which is probably why you’re late for work every day. Time yourself to see how long it takes you to perform certain tasks in the morning, and use that estimate to plan your morning start accordingly.

7. Surround Yourself with Timepieces

Another great little trick to remain punctual is to surround yourself with timepieces: wear a wristwatch, hang a clock on the wall right opposite your desk, keep another clock on your desk, and keep your cellphone nearby. All these clocks, as well as alarms, reminders, and timers will help you stay on task – just make sure to set all your clocks to the same time!

8. Change the Time on Your Watch

Setting the time just five minutes earlier than the actual time can be a real lifesaver. Plus, you’ll never be late for an early meeting again!

9. Notice How Being Late Affects Others

Businessman late to meeting

Let’s pretend that you’re always on time, and you give your neighbor and colleague a lift to work every day, but they’re always late. And we’re not just talking about being two or three minutes late; we’re talking about being 15 minutes late. You’ll certainly not be impressed with being made to wait – especially when it’s a regular thing. And the worst part of it all is that you can get into trouble for being late, even when there’s someone else to blame. Nobody likes that guy, so don’t be that guy.

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What do you do to make sure you’re on time for work every day? Tell us in the comments section below, and don’t forget to share this article with family, friends, and colleagues who may have not entirely grasped the concept of punctuality yet!