A Candle That Smells Like KFC’s Double Down Sandwich And 14 Other Aromas You Won’t Believe Exist

KFC‘s most infamous sandwich, the Double-Down, which replaces the bread with two greasy slabs of fried chicken, with bacon and cheese in between, is now available in candle form. Yes, your house can smell like a heart attack all the time, thanks to Kentucky for Kentucky, a Kentucky based candle company, revealing their new line “Scents of the Commonwealth.”

“Oh, are you cooking in here? Smells like fried chicken,” your friend Carol Anne will say. And you, your name will probably be something like Amy Jo Jean Jackson, will respond, “Naw, that’s just my candle.”

The line also includes another Kentucky sandwich, the Hot Brown, and Mint Julep. You can order these candles starting tomorrow. We feel blessed, ya’ll.

In honor of the release of these good ol’ boy candles, here’s a list of other candles you won’t believe are real.