California Is Trying To Ban Environmentally Harmful Plastic Microbeads

Despite industry opposition, California has made some headway in trying to push an important new ban through.

Democratic Assemblyman Richard Bloom of Santa Monica lead the charge on AB888, which calls for prohibiting the sale of soap, toothpaste and any other product with those little plastic “microbeads.”

Sure, those little beads help to exfoliate your gorgeous face, but you ever wonder what happens to them once you wash them down the drain?

They travel into our waterways, and wind up inside fish stomachs!

The tiny beads aren’t biodegradable, and when one jar of facial cleanser can contain up to 300,000 microbeads, that’s a big issue.

Like these… but way smaller.

Like these... but way smaller.

Once the beads reach waterways, it’s thought fish mistake them for eggs and eat them. The problem is the plastic soaks up toxins. Then the beads get stuck in the fish’s stomachs, and we eat those fish.

Some companies are already using biodegradable microbeads but California would still ban those. The only type of microbeads allowed would be totally natural ones, like salt, ground walnut shells, apricot pits, etc.

AB888 passed in the California Assembly, and is now going to the Senate. Let’s hope it passes so we don’t have to eat toxic plastic fish anymore.