Chipotle Stops Using Genetically Modified Ingredients!

The war against the mutants has begun!

Chipotle, the Ford assembly line version of fast food restaurants, has finally made the transition to not using genetically modified ingredients.

That’s right, all of Chipotle’s food is now completely non-GMO based.

Well, thank god they’re not filling in the gaps of their food’s DNA sequence with Frog DNA, because we all saw how that turned out in that film Jerk Asada Park?

While the FDA claims that there’s no evidence to support that GMOs pose a health risk, Chipotle’s CEO Steve Ells says they’ll be going sans GMOs in the future due to the “lack of consensus” on their effects.

Well, perfect. This seems like the responsible thing to do. Don’t want our burritos to start suddenly gaining the ability to manipulate and control metal, right?