Duck Dynastys Willie Robertson Now Trying to Figure Out If Being Gay Is A Choice (VIDEO)

While being interviewed by Larry King, Willie Robertson, whose fame consists of shooting ducks and being a raging anti-LGBT bigot confessed he had a startling revelation. He is now unsure of whether or not being gay is a choice. Despite his staunch defense of his fathers homophobic remarks in the past he admitted that he now does not know if the Bible may be right on this issue.

When asked by Larry if he could choose to be gay Robertsons response was:

Larry, Im trying to figure that out right now. I really am. Since the controversy and since I know all these people (Does he mean the gay people in the film and TV industry who made him fabulously wealthy?), and its…..the thought is…Im going this way. I dont know. Im trying to figure it out myself.

Its certainly a different stance than he took only a year ago when he came to vehemently defend his bigoted father, Phil, who clearly thinks about gay sex enough to go into an absurd amount of detail about it. Last year Phil stated, It seems like, to me, a vagina as a man would be more desirable than a mans anus.

Maybe Willie really is starting to see the light and have a change of heart. Or maybe its a play for politics and a wrangling for votes in the future, as he also discusses a possible political future in the interview.

If you can handle it, the 30 minute video is below. His comments for his new unsure stance on homosexuality are aired within the first 30 seconds, however.

H/T Huffington Post



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    • JamieHaman

      Keep thinking Willie. Better late than never to realize that Jesus gave his life for all sinners, not just some. Especially if you believe the Love thy neighbor as thyself part.

    • dagobarbz

      Willie should sit somewhere for a week and try to change his sexual orientation. If he cant, it must not be a choice.

      • Chuck

        Ive tried that with the choice idiots and all I ever get is I dont want to. Like everybody else can choose their sexuality but them but they still think its a choice.

        • dagobarbz

          Why wouldnt they want to? I mean, they can always change back, right?

          • Chuck

            Logic is just too elusive for some people I guess.

    • uglyfatgirl

      Its always all about DWTS…When Sadie did that show with all the gays that work on it, he came to know them..Thats all she wrote…

    • Kevin Keeling

      I think this just a marketing ploy.

    • clayll

      He may have just found out something about himself that he didnt know was possible. That has been known to turn on a light. hmmmmm…..

    • Fanraeth

      This has everything to do with the ratings on their show being in free fall. They were pulling in over 11 million viewers. Theyre now down to less than 3 million. Thats an absolutely huge drop and it came after their bigotry toward gays and Phils racism and creepy belief about marrying young women came to light. I suspect well see the other members of the family scrambling to win peoples favor back. Remember, there is nothing genuine about this family. They arent even the rednecks they present themselves as being. They dressed like normal people, didnt have beards, and had normal haircuts up until the show came along and suddenly they turned into the Louisiana equivalent of the Beverly Hillbillies.

    • Kyara Peacock

      Willie either wants to run for political office and just figured out that More gays vote than straight people or hes losing MONEY$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    • rayzee

      Hes too occupied trying to figure out the old breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe in, breath in….oops.

    • bloodyheck

      the thing is they are college educated, preppy millionaire ACTORS pretending to be backwoods..its their audience that are the real dopes.

      • L G

        Exactly!!!! This was the greatest TV show that showed you can get the basic American to believe anything!! I never watched one single episode. It had not one drop of appeal to me. And no, I am not gay. But, it is good to see that at least his one son has some brains to actually think with now the money flow stopped forcing him to support the crazy father and his stale, out dated, ideas on homosexuality. Maybe his thinking will get others to think some too. But, in the meanwhile this show did a lot of damage for numerous reasons beyond just homosexuality that will need undoing. I just hope it is not a publicity stunt.

    • Will

      Every night i ask my wife, Wife, why are you with me? It seems to me, a man, that a womans vagina is much more desirable than my anus. I still havent gotten a straight answer.

    • joe ebbitt

      Is being an asshole a choice? no no , think about, it if your so fucking dumb you cant really tell shit from little green apples then your a butt hole. But is it a choice or your just destined because of your upbringing / environment ? no parallel to being gay , you are or you are not your environment / family has nothing to do with it … dont take my word ask Marcus Bachman, Leslie Graham or Larry Craig

    • bamcintyre

      Steer Excrement… Hes gotta show me. I think he is just a consumate asshole who just found out that if he wants to be in politics, he has to pretend to think otherwise.