Dutch Teacher Strips Off Her Clothes To Teach Kids Anatomy

Students in a seventh grade biology class in the Netherlands were surprised when their teacher, Debby Heerkens, began to strip off her clothes in front of the class. The instructor is known for trying out lots of innovative and attention-grabbing teaching methods at Groene Hart Rijnwoude School in the town of Hazerswoude Dorp.

Fortunately, Heerkens was not naked underneath her shirt and pants. She was wearing a skintight suit that is printed with the human digestive system in great detail. Under that suit, she was wearing others that depict the muscular system and the skeleton. Heerkens has been teaching there for seven years, and she decided to try out using the element of surprise to make this anatomy lesson memorable.

One student uploaded a video of the educational undressing, which has gone viral on Facebook. Almost all of the commenters have praised the teacher for her original lesson. No doubt the young students will remember what they learned that day in Ms. Heerkens class.