Functional Apartment: Maximize Your Small Space

Whether you are thinking about downsizing to an apartment or have been living in a small space for a long time, it can be quite a challenge to set up and decorate your little home in a way that is both functional and stylish. There are many ways to maximize your minimal space to create a chic and practical apartment or other small home. Use these decor tips to make a small space that you’ll love.

1. Maximize Storage Wherever You Can

storage couple moving

The last thing you want in a tiny home is a lot of visual clutter. It will make the space seem even smaller than it already is, it takes away from any decor or style your home has, and it can make it difficult to relax. The key to an uncluttered home is ample storage, both in sight and hidden. gives several examples of small organized homes in which storage solutions also serve as stylish room accents. A divider with shelves can keep books, pictures or dishes while adding a design element to your space. Or try floating shelves with mirrored panels, which free up floor space while making the room seem more open and bright.

2. Turn One Room Into a Dual-Use Space

dual use space

Whether you have a studio apartment or one with just a few rooms, it is crucial to make the best use of that space. You can create separate areas for living, dining, sleeping, studying, working, playing or anything else with a small space. Use a room divider or bookcase to create a separate living room and dining area in the same room. suggests using area rugs to visually set apart an area as well. Get creative when maximizing the larger rooms in your home.

3. Get Rid of Bulky Furniture and Decor

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While you may love that giant china cabinet or your comfy overstuffed sectional couch, those things are just not suited for a small living space. Upgrading to modern, sleek furniture designs can free up a lot of space as well as give your home a stylish facelift. Metal or light wood furniture look up to date and do not usually take up as much space as large ornate items. They are also generally neutral for any design style you want to use. House Beautiful also suggests choosing furniture pieces that can have multiple uses. For example, a large table can be used as a computer desk or workstation, but can easily be cleared if you have guests over for a dinner party and need a large dining table.

4. Build Up, Not Out

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Granted, you may not be able to make many permanent changes to your small home if you are renting or have some other kind of agreement. But if you can do some renovations on your home, some small and easy changes can give you more room and utilize unused space you already have. For example, Web Ecoist featured some stunning examples of tiny apartments and homes that added extra space by installing a loft area. Adding a simple loft area in your home can open up your main area as well as add a space for sleeping, storage or play and any other uses you can think of.

Can you think of any other ways to improve a small living space? Your thoughts and comments below please.