Guy Hid Under Exs Bed For 3 Days Before Being Discovered

When we were children, we were told stories of child-eating monsters and scary ghosts to have us behave. Were all probably familiar with the Bogeyman, that scary monster living inside our closets or under our beds. As you get older, you learn that the bogeyman was a piece of fiction… or is it?

According to National Post, A man named Jason Hubbard broke into his ex-girlfriends family home in Spotswood, New Jersey. He managed to enter the home unnoticed while the owner was taking out the trash. Once inside, he stayed under the bed in his exs bedroom for three days, even managing to charge his mobile phones with a nearby outlet.

The owner of the house, Margaret Adamcewicz, said that Hubbard used to date her daughter five years ago, but has not been in contact with them. He remained hiding in the bed until Margarets husband heard suspicious noises and looked beneath the bed.

To their surprise, they discovered a man lying underneath the bed. They were able to stop him from leaving until the police arrived. It is unclear how Hubbard was able to go on three days without food, or how he even relived himself. I wasnt scared, Adamcewicz said I was just angry.

Hubbard has been arrested and charged with burglary & criminal trespassing and remained jailed on $50,000 bail. While hes no bogeyman, he certainly looked like one. Next time, maybe you should constantly check under the bed for ex-spouses and former lovers.