Here’s The Proof That XZIBIT Is Living The Best Life Ever!

Xzibit intuitively understands how to live the good life. He just gets it.

Xzibit exhibits some of the solid qualities that everyone should hope to embody one day.

He’s down to earth, he’s free-spirited, and his demeanor is always so joyful.

This brings us to the subject of his Instagram, which is full of posts that are sure to inspire you, and will definitely make you realize that he’s living the life he at one point imagined.

Wisdom would say that one should spend their earnings on their success on experiences rather than material possessions, and if we’re to Xzibit’s Instagram posts as an example, he might be the wisest person we know.

1. This shot of a Mexico City concert shows that Xzibit knows how to turn out a crowd, and give them an amazing performance.

Man, first show in #Mexico City, as you see we went the fuck off. #PublicEnemy is up next. @rich_harvey_72 @openbarradio @iamdemrick @dj_invisible #festivalkiller #newmusic.
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2. Here’s Xzibit on a dock! Sometimes Sitting On The Dock The Bay is the best way to spend a sunset.

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3. We can all sing “I’m leaving on a jet plane,” but only Xzibit can sing “to go to Dr. Dre’s birthday” after that.

Alright, off to celebrate @DrDre’s birthday. Thanks for the love and support, I will check you guys out when I get back. I’ll send photos while I’m out, but don’t be mad if I don’t post everyday. #LoveOurLives
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4. May the force be with you, Xzibit. No Jedi mind trick necessary to convince me that you’re an awesome dad.

So here we go! Lil Darth Vader and his Storm Trooper Dad are about to hit the streets! I even have the @beatsbydre #Pill playing the imperial march theme from #starwars while I walk behind him. #maytheforcebewithyou!
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All love. Thanks. #HTWWW #WestWest

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5. Uh, Batman called. He wants his Batbike back.

Shot of the whole bike. @beatsbydre @drdre @xzibit #WeDoMore #WestWest @935kday @openbarradio #BANG
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6. May I present Xzibit B. B as in boat, which Xzibit is clearly having the most relaxing time on!

#nofilter #nochasers Rollin like a pair of dice, lounging in paradise. Getting my mind right. #positivepeopleonly
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7. Xzibit proves he’s king of fishing by catching the King Fish.

King Fish also known as the Cobia, one of the best fish to catch and eat…couldn’t fit the entire fish in the shot. #Wolverine #australiantour @iamdemrick @dj_invisible @bignutellapb @i_am_joe
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8. Xzibit didn’t need to have his ride decked out when he visited Australia to perform last year!

Look at what we get to roll in while I’m in Sydney!!!! The homies from #LOYALTYIVLIFE car club came thru with this for tonight. 15 cars coming for the 4-20 show. #australiantour @poohdatightest #westcoast
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