Hillary Clinton Calls For The US To Allow 65,000 Syrian Refugees

Earlier this month, the Obama administration publicly announced that they would be allowing upwards of 10,000 Syrian refugees into the country. While the notion is well-meaning, many have come out of the woodwork accusing the current presidents administration was too conservative with their number. Now, in the wake of the 2016 elections, former Secretary of State and poll-leader Hillary Clinton has called for that number to be raised over six-fold.

Were facing the worst refugee crisis since the end of World War II and I think the United States has to do more, former secretary of state said to CBS this Sunday. I would like to see us move from what is a good start with 10,000 to 65,000 and begin immediately to put into place the mechanisms for vetting the people that we would take in.

Neighboring countries like Germany have been at the forefront of this movement, opening their boarders to over 20,000 refugees… in weekends alone; Germany at this point has taken over 85,000 refugees.

This insurgence and call for a communal global effort to aid Syrians fleeing masses had become more and more well-echoed. And its resonating with the White House, as well; the Obama administration is rumored to increase their refugee quota later this calendar year.