How to Take Control of a Soul-Sucking Job [Video]

Most people would prefer to be in a job they hate and make more money than be in a job they love and earn less money. The fact that such a large number of people are perfectly happy to spend their time in a job that makes them feel disengaged and lazy as long as they get a fat paycheck is rather worrying. But, just how large is this number?

The way this works can be better understood by the cycle of work productivity. Companies want to maximise efficiency and productivity to increase profits which will eventually result in workers getting a bigger paycheck. But as psychology professor and author of Why We Work Barry Schwartz proves, not every worker is after the money and not everyone is lazy or disengaged. In fact, he puts workers into three distinct categories: 1) those who work for the money, 2) those who work for advancement and 3) those who work for a cause.

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So which one are you? Check out this video from Inc. and find out how you can take control of a soul-sucking boring job and make yourself happy.