Huckabee Pummels the Left, States Jailed Court Clerks Plight not About Partisan Issues but instead the Constitution (VIDEO)

As the left reluctantly is forced to admit the fact imprisoned Kentucky Court Clerk Kim Davis is a Democrat and not a Republican, presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has pointed out the blaring oddities of the situation.

Saying what the left refuses to acknowledge, Huckabee explained on Fox & Friends Monday that Davis was actually jailed by a Republican judge and that the issue is clearly non-partisan.

Huckabee stated It is unacceptable to put a person in jail without bail because she followed her conscience. What has happened is exactly what the dissenting justices like Scalia and Roberts all said. This is going to create mass confusion, and in this case its gone beyond confusion and incarceration for a person who has very strong convictions.

Adding that The irony, Ed, is that she was put in jail by a Republican judge, and she herself is a Democrat. This is not about partisan issues; this is about the Constitution.

Watch below:

Be it Democrat, Republican or Independent, Davis plight serves as hard evidence what we have all be arguing so long… This issues have clearly become larger than party lines, they are a direct assault on the United States Constitution from a government that has turned to the complete opposite of what it was originally intended.

We are in serious trouble here, if people do not begin to wake up and make the conscious decision to see what is truly happening instead of what we are being told is happening than we are officially screwed.