Lightning Showers In India Leave 32 People Dead

The monsoon season has been heavily erratic this past year in India and an unexpected set of showers left 32 people, including nine children, dead in India over this past weekend. The monsoon rains did pour down almost evenly across the country, but it was especially heavy in three certain states which saw an abnormal amount of lightning strikes as well. The three states included eastern states Bihar and Jharkhand along with southern state Andhra Pradesh.

Most of the people who became a casualty to these dangerous lightning bolts are known to be farmers working on the fields, while many reports poured in from around the country of near-misses and non-fatal strikes. Although only 10 percent of the people who are struck by lighting lose their life to it, the heavy death toll of 32 people should be a major cause of concern for the local governments. The heavy rains over the weekend must have also been a relief for the country considering India receives 70 percent of its rainfall during the monsoon season, but the high death toll needs to be countered with better safety measures as well.