Mars Rover Sends Back Image Of Female Figure On Mars

Over the years, there have been a number of different pictures returned from Mars that have raised eyebrows. None of those pictures have raised as many eyebrows as the recent picture which showed up looking as though there was actually a woman standing on the surface of the Red Planet. As Mashable points out, there are a number of people who really want to believe that somehow the Mars rover managed to snap a picture of an alien woman walking on the planets surface.

Of course, this isnt the first time that a photo has come back from Mars and made people think we had finally found signs of alien life. Most likely, as the other photos have turned out to be, this one is just a rock that has taken on a rather interesting shape thanks to the harsh winds that blow across the surface of the planet. Or just maybe, we really have found some sort of Amazonian Martian. What do you think?