McDonalds Workers Hilarious Reaction To Prank

Most people just want to get through their working day as quick as they can with as little stress and fuss as possible.

For this McDonald’s drive-thru worker however, that didn’t quite go to plan.

The young girl was a victim of a prank played by two males in which they beep their car horn just as she went to hand them a drink

The males thought it would be a hilarious prank, recording it from inside the car, but the female didn’t see the funny side of it.


After they beeped the horn, the worker responded with “You’re not going to get your drink, go!” before throwing the drink over the driver.

Obviously annoyed with her reaction, the driver attempted to throw the drink back. He also called her a “F****** b****!” while the passenger added: “That’s what happens when you prank, they get kinda mad.”

They must have caught her on a bad day, probably almost at the end of her shift, but really, her reaction was justified.

Most people would react in the same way if they were brave, or annoyed enough.

Click below to watch the passengers video of the prank.