Muslim Refugees Do the UNTHINKABLE to This Subway Station on New Years Eve


Not again!

Just yesterday, TRN showed sickening video of Muslim refugees from Somalia and Syria literally blowing up a Christmas tree outside a Metro station in Brussels, Belgium a city under siege by the Muslim population they once welcomed in.

Police were unable to make arrests, and it looks like the same likely suspects hit the very same station Clemenceau on New Years Eve. But this time they did something far, far worse, which very nearly killed 2 women, and authorities are deploying troops in the area to catch the Muslim monsters who did this.

This one has to be seen to be believed:

Thats right, they actually pushed a small car down the stairs of the station on one of its busiest nights of the year. Miraculously, according to Belgian daily Le Soir, two women who were about to mount the steps saw the car and ran for cover unharmed. One can only imagine the carnage had they been a few steps up at the time.

You can also see a couple ducking for cover on an adjacent stairwell as the car thunders down the steps, escaping potential injury. The sheer recklessness and lack of concern for human life is astonishing, but not terribly surprising given witness accounts of who did it.

From Le Soir:

One woman, who did not wish to be named said she heard the youths speaking Arabic and laughing, as she and other witnesses stood in stunned silence at the horrible act. Police spoke to a ticket clerk who reportedly said one of the youths was also part of the group of 3 who set a tree ablaze outside the Clemenceau metro station last Christmas Eve.

And who were those youths? Muslim refugees, as we reported.

Brussels is completely under siege by Islamic radicals, as a flood of up to 60,000 refugees have invaded the nation over the past year, unhindered due to the E.U.s ban on border controls.

As Pamela Geller has reported, depsite CNN and Obama denying that European cities have no-go zones where even police fear to enter for fear of Muslim violence, after the recent Paris attack the veil has been lifted, with even the New York Times admitting cities like Brussels have large Muslim areas where they have lost control:


What is the root cause of all this? Muslim immigration and admission of Muslim refugees. But in America, GOP frontunner Donald Trump has been excoriated as a racist and Islamophobe for merely wanting to pause. Meanwhile, Barack Obama is determined to import up to 200,000 Syrian refugees by the end of his term.