Newborn Baby Offered Lifetime Pass To Legoland After Birth

A newborn baby has been handed the golden ticket albeit in the form of a lifetime pass to Legoland in Windsor. The newborn baby, Lucas Atkinson, was birthed in the staff car pack when his mother had to make an emergency stop on her way towards the hospital.

Lucas mother, Janine, was on her way to Wexford Park Hospital during the bank holiday weekend when she had to make the quick stop. The staff at the amusement park came out to help where possible, but mostly offered moral support while awaiting an arriving ambulance. Despite the ambulance coming, Lucas was born in the parking lot at 8:30pm.

Janine said: I knew we werent going to get to the hospital in time and we were in a flap because we didnt know what road we were on and I knew LegoLand was nearby so I told my husband to head there. Going into LegoLand about to give birth is so surreal I just kept laughing, I thought if I keep laughing Ill get through it. All my friends say this could only happen to you.

A Legoland spokesperson said: We wanted to say a huge congratulations to the Atkinson family, who welcomed the very first LegoLand Windsor baby into the world over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Lucas now has entry to the park for the rest of his life.