Olive Gardens New Sandwiches Use Breadsticks For Buns And Still Come With Unlimited Breadsticks

Olive Garden is known for one thing actually, more like infinity things:

Their unlimited breadsticks.

Sure, their Italian style cuisine is generally regarded as “delizioso,” but everyone knows the real reason anyone ever goes to Olive Garden:

Their unlimited breadsticks.

Well now an incredible change is happening at the restaurant, and it’s coming to their most popular appetizer:

Their unlimited breadsticks.

Whatever you do, try not to lose your mind when I say the following phrase: “breadstick bun sandwiches.”

Breadstick Bun Sandwiches.

Breadstick Bun Sandwiches.

Breadstick… bun… sandwiches…

Breadstick bun sandwiches. Olive Garden has created a monster! They’re turning their famous breadsticks into a bun for two new sandwiches, one chicken parm and the other meatball.

Not only does the meal start at $6.99, it can also come with unlimited breadsticks on the side!

Your breadstick sandwich can come with infinite breadsticks on the side. That’s the greatest thing I’ve ever heard.

A rep for Olive Garden, Jessica Dinon, spilled the deets, saying:

We’ve been evolving our menu a lot over the past year and we’re really trying to give our guests more ways to enjoy the things that they love. We know our guests love our breadsticks. It’s iconic.

The only way to get people to love their breadsticks even more would be to make them free/mandatory. Slapping chicken parm or meatballs in the middle of a breadstick is a decent middle ground I guess.

If only they added a third sandwich option of having only breadsticks between the breadstick buns… Breadstick inceptionwich sounds delicious.