President Obama Continues Being An Awesome Dude After Leaving Servers Generous Tip (VIDEO)

President hooks servers up with a nice tip, but his Alaskan trip was all about Climate Change.

The President is known for leaving good tips to his servers. While Conservatives call it liberal spending, as a former bartender, I call it a nice gesture.

This week during his Alaskan trip to bring attention to Climate Change, he stopped at the Snow City Cafe in downtown Anchorage to grab coffee and breakfast for his crew and himself. Instead of tipping the standard 20 percent, the President paid for his $18.25 to-go order with a $50 bill and told the employees to keep the $31.75 in change.

The Anchorage cafe will also feature presidential menu items all week like a Kale to the Chief salad and an Barakli Obamlet, reported the Huffington Post.

Obama also filmed with reality TV star Bear Grylls earlier this week, for an episode of his show, Running Wild with Bear Grylls.

Obama is the first sitting President to visit the Arctic. Hes been very vocal about taking Climate Change on as President, has made several accomplishments on that issue, but still has a ways to go convincing congress to take more direct action.

A large concern for environmentalists at this point is ice melt from glaciers and Obamas trip focused on Exit Glacier in Seward, Alaska. The National Park Services research says the ice from the glacier has receded more than 1.25 miles over the last 200 years.

The Obama Administration released this video on Monday of this week, introducing his new plans for Climate Change ahead of his Alaska trip:

So, while its awesome that Obama is tipping hardworking servers large in our northern-most state, the fact that he is handling climate change more directly is even better. History will view this President kindly.

Featured Image via screen capture from the Huffington Post

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    • Otto Greif

      He tips like a white man.

      • Patrick T. Hendrick

        He tips like a real respectful man.

      • StrangeOneClearcut

        Nice racist comment you made.Yu are one of the few ignorant right wingers here.Obviously no one cares about you nor wants you around.

        • Otto Greif

          Its a fact most blacks are lousy tippers.

          • Quint

            And youre a lousy excuse for a human being. So whats your point?

          • Brenda Smith

            That just isnt true. I work in a restaurant as a server and they tip as well and in many cases better. Some white people make their racism very obvious and their tip reflects it. If you truly see all people as equal, your attitude will reflect that too. I have never and never will judge people by the color of their skin or treat them differently because of it.

            • Otto Greif

              From the Washington Post: Within the U.S. restaurant industry, black customers are generally considered comparatively poor tippers. One recent survey of roughly 1,000 restaurant servers from across the nation found that 34 percent thought black diners were very bad tippers. An additional 36 percent thought black patrons were below average tippers. In contrast, 98 percent of those surveyed believed white customers were average or above average tippers… studies have consistently observed a reliable black-white tipping difference even after controlling for consumers socioeconomic status, including income and education, and after controlling for perceptions of service quality. This race difference in tipping is also observed regardless of whether the server is white or black.

          • pat wilson

            Its a fact that you Otto Greif are an idiot. Really stupid and racist comment.

          • garry49

            And where do you get your facts, Otto?

    • Kathryn Miller

      Love that mans decency.

      • Silence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        LOL !

    • Ben Beggs

      TPP thats tip everyone should like.

    • Fossil1944

      Being generous with your tip helps the economy by putting extra income in the servers pocket. The more times those dollars change hands the more tax revenue is generated for local , state, and federal public works projects that we all benefit from. Tiny seeds make great Redwoods. Sure it takes a few hundred years, but everything isnt just about us, we have future generations to consider too.

    • Silence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Oh how wonderful and generous of him to bestow chump change on the minions … What a suck up blathering ,brown nosing ,puke story…Worried about the myth that is Climate change.. as ISIS is slaughtering kids and raping women at will . And we just got into bed with Iran ! ,,,Foolish dopes

      • guest

        STFU you hateful loser

        • Silence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Ha Ha ,,And with ur hateful comment , You call me hateful, Dope.

      • Woody Lifton

        If you think Climate Change is a myth…it means you are a FAUX NEWS watcher…If you think Peace is better than war…than you are a Faux News FANATIC!!! But so kind of you to show us your true colors…btw…how much will YOU make if we go to war???? OOOPS Sorry…PEACE ACCORD signed so thats not happening. WAR MONGER!!!! Try finding some truth in news…its not on FAUX NEWS!!!!!!

        • Silence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          I dont watch the Republican establishment controlled Fox news Mr Woody. So you think Iran Deal will lead to peace ? LMFAO ! Wtf are you talking about me making money ? Huh ? You forgot to take youre anti delusional meds today Woodster. Go play with youre Woody … Oh Woody , give me the wood ! Woody !

          • garry49


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              Youre ….A douche bag

      • rlibos

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      • Brenda Smith

        What are you babbling about?

        • Silence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Go back to sleep , Youre Drunk Brenda

      • pat wilson

        Oh and yes this is all his fault, get a life

        • Silence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          What is all his fault ? ? Who said that ??? Atleast I have a life ya pathetic amoeba …ROFLMFAO !!!!! Go back to sleep ya dope .

      • John Moreno

        Silence suspend your disbelief. Listen and learn Its the warmest yr on record so far Last year was the warmest The ocean temp here got up to 87 unheard of! If scientists of all stripes agree go with it. Why listen to pundits and denying extremists when the majority agree with the president There must be other reasons He is killing ISIS every day So far thousands have been killed. And Iran well they could develop a bomb anytime Now at least that have an incentive not to You should worry more about North Korea. Hey Iran is fighting ISIS Israel not so much Thats a problem.

        • Silence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          I know several NASA people , Temp have not gone up in over 15 years . That is fact. Ive heard it from people that know, Not some politician that wants to have more power, Go back to the 1970s …We were suppose to be living on iceburges by now , It use to be called global cooling….then they called it global warming, .Now its just called climate change. Why ? Find youre facts thru unbiased statistics, Not some bureaucrat John. What incentive does Iran have now to not build a bomb ? WE GOT NOTHING in this deal. We are releasing billions of dollars into their economy so they can do what ? Build Nuke plants? I thought that was bad for global warming ? Where did u get the idea that Iran is fighting ISIS? Hello ? They are the biggest sponsors of terrorism worldwide and we are freeing up billions so they can spend more ! Jeez They are supporting the terrorist. Bu the way , ISIS is the direct result of Obama pulling out of Iraq and leaving them with no protection. Are you a anti Semite like the rest of the libs?

          • John Moreno

            NASA is building a new launch pad on higher ground. They speak to climate change routinely. At least they do so here in Fla. ISIS is a direct result of an immoral war that we were told would end within a year. Now some 11 years later we have to prod Iraq soldiers to fight . Time for them to step up. We lost thousand of service men and women , 50,000 plus severely disabled ,over 100,000 dead Iraqis plus trillions spent that we could have used to benefit America. Stop watching FOX where 18% of what they say is true ( Politi fact ) Stop listening and do some research I do believe that Israel can handle their own problem They get more then 4.5 billion from us and have nuclear weapons With that money they also provide universal free medical care and a free education. Disagreeing with the political establishment in no way makes me anti Jew in the same way as you disagreeing with scientists and government officials makes you anti science or anti government OR disagreeing with President Obama makes you a racist.

            • Silence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              I dont watch Fox news , You need to learn youre facts from somewhere other then Liberal blogs. But hey , Im willing to agree to disagree …

    • Ricardo Rebelo

      Hes been tipping everyone since he got into office… Starting with lazy bums and ending with Iran… So whats the surprise?

      • theshufflebrothers


        • John Moreno

          OMG another Hitler like image? I guess he via the ACA exterminated millions of Americans or !!!!

    • Brenda Smith

      I think that is just wonderful, and now he needs to come where I work. :-)

    • Michael Markauskas

      Actually its his money…educate yourself a little.

    • Robin Halsey

      I love my President! I cant wait for our next great President, Bernie Sanders!!! #FeeltheBern #thejourneytoBernie #BernieSanders2016

    • pat wilson

      Its his money, sad that so many of you people are so dumb and racist.

    • mick

      the only way history will view him kindly is if we pay more attention to those who are taking control of the history books

    • tabaqui

      The first one to visit the Arctic? Wow. Why has it taken so long? Kudos to President Obama at least he is doing the best he can, in the hostile DC environment to look forward and act with the future in mind.

      • Constance Carter

        Hed be doing the best he can if he would have denied Shells drilling permit. That is something completely within human control to prevent a catastrophic spill event, and hes making us all take the risk, but especially those people and animals who live in and rely on the fragile Arctic ecosystem. .

        I like President Obama a lot, and I agree with your commendation of yet another presidential first by Mr. Obama. However, being progressive with one hand while regressive with the other leaves us exactly where we started.

    • Dale Johnson

      Did Obama eat at a union-backed diner where the servers earn a living wage of at least $15/hr?

      Or was he exploiting the working poor for a photo-op with chump change?

      • worth100

        Lets assume that the Prez was not their only customer that hour, pea brain

    • apodder

      Its no more taxpayer money than my salary is OSUs money simply because I work there.

    • worth100

      Dubya spent $5 trillion of the taxpayers $$ on the Iraqi war. U cool with that Shawn?