Selfie Stick Helps Save Woman From Drowning

For many people, selfie sticks have become another annoying aspect of modern life. The devices have grown in popularity over the past 12 months with tourists and those attending public events, thanks to their ability to allow people to take photographs of them while including more of their surroundings than would usually be possible.

In this instance though, the selfie stick became a lifesaver rather than a simple annoyance. While filming the waves using the tool and a Go Pro camera, teenager Erynn Johns was hit by a riptide that dragged her further out to see. At serious risk of drowning, her parents attempted to rescue her but also became stranded.

Another holidaymaker was eventually able to save her by grabbing the selfie stick and dragging Erynn back to shore while keeping her above the water. Meanwhile, the local coastguard brought her parents to safety.