SICKENING: UC Irvine Professor Tells Students that NRA and Gun Rights to Blame for San Bernardino Shooting… Omits Terrorism Link (VIDEO)

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Just another perfect example of the blatant indoctrination of Leftist ideology in the American education system… Blame the guns, blame civil rights, anything but the person or persons pulling the trigger.

UC Irvine biology professor Richard Symanski has been caught on camera attempting to indoctrinate UCI students with the lefts signature anti-gun rhetoric following the recent San Bernardino massacre by blaming the National Rifle Association for the deaths 14, instead of the Islamic extremists who fired the fatal shots.

No joke…

The video was sent to the media outlet Campus Reform by UCI student Peter Van Voorhis and captures an off-topic discussion during an introductory level biology course instructed by Symanski. During the video, Symanski tells the class (predominately comprised of freshmen) that if they are looking for a good cause to become involved in, they should probably jump on this gun issue, meaning help promote gun-control.

Via CampusReform

He succinctly summarized his pitch at the end of the discourse, saying, If you want a causewant to get on a bandwagonthen get these guns outlawed, and do something about the Second Amendment.

I am totally for people expressing their opinions, but when professors do it, they have a captive audience, Van Voorhis told Campus Reform. If I could debate him, I would win.

Symanskis remarks were inspired by the shooting in San Bernardino, California Wednesday afternoon, but he tied that into the subject of mass shootings in general, asserting that the National Rifle Association (NRA) is to blame for those tragedies because it opposes gun control, and contending that automatic weapons should be a common-sense exception to the Second Amendment.

Whos the big culprit of this? he asked in a tone that discouraged hand-raising. Its the NRAthe National Rifle Associationwhich is enormously powerful in this country, in a way that you and I cant imagine.

Symanski lamented that the NRAs central argumentthat people, not guns, are responsible for violencehave never made sense to him, because he considers people to be incapable of resisting the universal urge to pull the trigger when firearms are at hand.

Look,were all sort of off the edge at some point, right? We dont know when were going to fly off edge. And what does the issue become? The issue becomes do we have access to a gun or an AK47 or an automatic weapon? If we dont have access to the damn thing we cant kill anybody.

Watch below: