Spoiled Teen Shows How to Get Fired from Your Job Before You Even Start


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Thats Cella. She just landed a new job at a pizzeria, from which she posted that photo, dressed for an interview.

Unfortunately (for her), Cella also posted a comment to Twitter along with the photo. A comment which is about to teach her about the risks of a rotten, entitled mentality, and about the pitfalls of putting your every move on social media.

Heres what she posted:

(Language warning)


A lot of people responded to her Tweet by the following morning, most of them her friends.

But not just her friends. Her new boss too. And he was none too pleased at her attitude, and let her know with a digital sacking:


Not a day on the job, and the job is gone. And with not too many opportunities for young people these days, it sounded like a decent job, as her boss conveyed:


Two lessons for Cella:

(1) When you share your every moment online, like so many young people do today you have to assume everyone is watching. This applies to sharing intimate photos of yourself, but also work-related chit chat as well.

(2) Every opportunity is valuable. Many wildly rich people started out on the lowest rung of a company, and worked their way up, gaining experience along the way. And this wasnt exactly the mailroom, or housekeeping.

But am I alone in thinking Cella wont learn any lessons from this, will blame the boss, and thinks any job is beneath her? Call it Generation Obama.

What do you think? Did she cross the line? Did he?

Reaction on Twitter was wildly mixed, with some blaming her for being careless, but most blaming the boss, even calling him a racist, and saying she should sue him from wrongful termination: