Stance Is The NBA’s New Official Sock — And Here’s Why You’ll Want A Pair

The Stance logo will soon be seen on all game-worn socks.

The Stance logo will soon be seen on all game-worn socks.

The NBA announced today that starting next season, Stance will be the league’s official sock — and all players will wear them during games.

The socks will be made in team colors and they’ll also be available for purchase to the public, in addition to Stance’s already large selection of products.

What makes this partnership unique is that the NBA considers socks to be an accessory — as opposed to part of the uniform — and therefore Stance will be allowed to have their logo on them.

Clarke Miyasaki, Stance’s Executive Vice President of Business Development, said:

“We’re just this little sock company that’s the first brand to have its logo on every player on the NBA court. I hope this gives us a big advantage at retail. All we do is socks, and we’re committed to making the best for the best players in the world.”

Stance is designing socks for each NBA team.

Stance is designing socks for each NBA team.

Miyasaki got the NBA’s attention in a very clever and bold way. He slyly slipped an envelope to Lisa Piken Koper, the league’s Vice President of Licensing, during the 2014 All-Star weekend in New Orleans. What was inside the envelope? Not much, other than a check for a whopping $1 million.

The trick certainly got Koper’s attention.

According to Miyasaki:

“She asked if it was a real check and I said it was. I wanted them to take us seriously, and there is always something about a million-dollar check.”

Next thing you know, a deal was struck. With Stance investors like Will Smith and Jay Z already promoting the product, it seemed like the perfect partnership.

Will Smith and Jay Z are two of Stance’s most prominent investors.

Will Smith and Jay Z are two of Stance's most prominent investors.

John Wilson, Stance’s Founder and President, explains:

“When you look at the NBA, their position is very similar. Of course it’s rooted in the sport of basketball, but when you look at the lifestyle and culture around basketball, as it relates to music, fashion, sneakers — there’s a cultural element to the NBA that’s very unique.”

The sock market is booming and the timing of the agreement couldn’t be better. One research company claims it’s now a $5.6 billion global industry.

That’s one reason Stance has already gotten NBA superstars Dwyane Wade, Andre Drummond, Klay Thompson and Chandler Parsons as endorsers.

Socks in the Dwyane Wade collection.

Socks in the Dwyane Wade collection.

The variety of socks made by the company is amazing. Men’s, women’s, kids’, specialty socks… you name it and Stance has it. They also have every type of unique and trendsetting design you can imagine. No wonder Stance has grown at least 100 percent in business each of its five years in existence. Their popularity is off the charts.

The Stance and NBA partnership will no doubt flourish for years to come. To learn more about their products, please visit

Also, check out their video promoting the new deal below.