The 10 Manliest DIY Projects

In this world of tiny touchscreens and keeping everything in the cloud, you just might forget what it’s like to build something. To chop some wood with an axe. Or maybe just break it apart with your bare hands. These 10 projects will put you back in touch with your roots. Even if your attempts don’t come out quite right, it’s going to make for some sweet Instagrams.

1. Make a Coat Hook from a Tree Branch

Make a Coat Hook from a Tree Branch

Is there anything more salt of the earth than taking a random branch and turning it into something that serves a purpose in your house? The space between a trunk and branch is sturdy, and this project will show you how to take advantage of that inherent strength.

Learn how to harness nature for yourself here

2. Turn Old Railroad Track into an Anvil

Turn Old Railroad Track into an Anvil

Metal. Trains. Anvils. Somewhere Tim “the Toolman” Taylor grunts and Wile E. Coyote runs in fear. Completing this project will make you grow 1.5 feet and win every arm-wrestling match by default. Hopefully you’ve worked with metal before, because this is most certainly not for beginners.

Achieve masculine immortality like so.

3. Build a Rocket Stove

Build a Rocket Stove

Stoves? Pretty serious. Rockets and stoves together? Now we’re talking. This method for cooking increases the efficiency of your fuel without creating the pollution of your average BBQ grill. Making meat and thinking about the planet is pretty manly in our book.

Blast off with your own rocket stove here

4. Attach a Drill to a Skateboard

Attach a Drill to a Skateboard

Looking around your garage you see an unused skateboard, a neglected drill, and a bored kid moping around. It’s time to combine these elements into hours of fun your child can’t buy with an in-app purchase. The site lists the project costs as $3 and taking 5 minutes, so take that extra money and load up on helmets and pads for your newly mobile offspring.

Learn how to electrify your wheels here

5. Growler Crate

Growler Crate

You have a case for your iPhone and your laptop, doesn’t your fancy craft beer deserve to be comfortable as your electronics? Keep your growlers cozy with this simple, stained wooden carrying case.

Check out how someone else did it (or just cheat and buy your own) here

6. Handcraft Your Own Rustic Masculine Candles

Handcraft Your Own Rustic Masculine Candles

Twinkling Elderflower Blossom candles overwhelming your space? Get some wax and an old mug with character and you’re pretty much all set to customize your odor vibe. Infuse your wax with the essential oil of your choice. Want your mancave to smell like pine, cedar or gunmetal? It’s very doable.

Step by step instructions (on a plaid lumberjack tablecloth!) here

7. Your Own Tree-top Hideaway

Your Own Tree-top Hideaway

Have a lot of time on your hands and want to tackle a large-scale project? It’s time to go big and create the treehouse you’ve always wanted as a kid. When you were young, a treehouse was anything that didn’t collapse when you stepped on it. This time you’ll carefully pick a suitable tree, make plans, order lumber and create a space where your family can get away. Or at least have a new place to use their phones.

Read about how it’s done here

8. A Pirate Chest Beer Cooler

A Pirate Chest Beer Cooler

There comes a day when you wake up and need to add more pirate to your life. Luckily, one enterprising Reddit user has you covered. Keep your beers ice cold and treat them like the hard-earned treasure they are by modifying a cooler with just wood, hinges and dark stain. You’ll feel like Jack Sparrow on his day off.

See how this matey did it here

9. Whiskey Barrel Table

Whiskey Barrel Table

Have a giant barrel of whiskey just taking up space in your spot? Finish all the whiskey (maybe space it out over a couple of days) and you could have a majestic table that looks right at home in front of a fireplace.

Don’t worry, the whiskey barrel was born to store alcohol, it will continue to serve its purpose.

Re-purpose your loose barrels using this method

10. 3D Printer Stand with a Very Necessary Mini-Fridge

3D Printer Stand with a Very Necessary Mini-Fridge

You lucked out and found yourself with a 3D printer. How are you going to get drunk and imagine things to make at the same time? Simple, just do what this Reddit user did and place your printer on a custom mini-fridge stand. Does it need TRON-style blue LEDs? What doesn’t?!

See a genius in action here

BONUS: That Axe Keyholder Though

BONUS: That Axe Keyholder Though

While this doesn’t technically involve jamming a real axe into your wall, it still looks pretty damn cool.

Pick it up for under $50 at Houzz