The 12 Worst Sunburns In History

The 12 Worst Sunburns In History

Look, we have all been there. There is nothing worse than sitting out in the sun a little too long and realizing that you’ve scalded your entire body. Oh wait, there is something worse. Taking a selfie of it. Seriously though, the last thing I would want to do when I’m sunburned is document it for all the world to see. Some things just need to stay on the low, and sunburns are one of them. Here are 12 of the most upsetting sunburn photos you will probably ever see. These people all need some aloe, and a hat, immediately.

1. The Accidental Shirt Tan

Well, if there’s nothing you can do, then I suppose laughing it off is the only way to go. Kudos to this guy for staying positive.

2. The Couple That Burns Together…;

…;Might possibly stay together forever. This must have been some kind of crazy bonding experience. At least there’s one positive to come out of this situation, right?

3. The Side By Side

Wow. Honestly this one worries me. It looks like a literal Instagram filter. At what point did this person go “Hmm. I should probably get out of the sun now” ??